Don’t Undervalue The Six Causes of Low Albumin and Their Impact on Health! 

Causes of low albumin – Did you know that albumin in the body actually plays an important role for health? Lack of albumin or low albumin levels in your body can cause health problems that are certainly not desirable.

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Illustration of Human Low Albumin | Image: Freepik

The condition of low albumin is also known as a medical term, namely hypoalbuminemia, which can be caused by various things, of course. To clarify, albumin refers to all of the proteins that make up blood plasma and are produced by the liver. 

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Albumin has many functions for the body, but its main function is to keep fluid in the blood from leaking into body organs or the osmotic pressure of red blood cells. In addition, albumin also plays a role in various things, such as carrying various important substances needed by the body, such as hormones, vitamins, enzymes, and medicinal substances.

Getting to Know Low Albumin Conditions

Low albumin conditions can happen to anyone, including you, for various reasons. According Healthline, a normal person’s albumin level generally requires 3.5–5.9 grams per deciliter (g/dL). Without sufficient albumin levels, your body will not be able to prevent body fluids from leaving the blood vessels.

Albumin levels below 3.5 g/dL are considered low albumin and could be an indication of a certain underlying medical condition. If you have low albumin levels, it can be called hypoalbuminemia.

6 Various Causes of Low Albumin

Albumin deficiency or low albumin levels can be caused by many factors or causes. Here are some causes of low albumin that often occur in many people:

1. Liver Disorders or Liver Disease

The first cause of decreased albumin levels is a liver disorder or liver disease. The liver is known as a source in the albumin production process in the human body. If the liver has health problems, it can reduce albumin levels in the body drastically.

Some liver diseases that can cause low albumin in a person’s body include liver cirrhosis, liver failure, liver cancer, hepatitis, liver damage due to alcohol, and fatty liver conditions.

2. Malnutrition and Vitamin Deficiency

Did you know that malnutrition and vitamin deficiency can cause low albumin? Yes, this nutritional deficiency disease is also known as Kwashiorkor. This disease is caused by malnutrition with decreased protein intake and amino acid deficiency, which can lead to hypoalbuminemia with visible physical features. This is one extreme example of how malnutrition can cause albumin deficiency.

3. A Serious Burn Injury

Image 2 - Causes of low albumin
Illustration of Burn Injury

Accidents, serious burns, and injuries can also be one of the causes of low albumin in the body. It is known that the skin is where albumin is stored in your body. If the skin is injured or seriously burned, the albumin in it can also be lost.

4. Presence of Kidney Disease or Damage

Kidneys are one of the organs in the body that are important for filtering blood and toxic compounds that will later be distributed to all parts of the body. According to Medical News Today, kidney damage or disease can cause the majority of the protein to be excreted in the urine. That way, the kidneys will take albumin from the bloodstream, which causes a deficiency of albumin or hypoalbumin.

5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Talking about nutrition for the body will not be separated from the role of a good digestive system. Inflammatory bowel disease, also known as celiac disease, can cause the digestive system to lose a lot of protein. That way, it can cause protein loss syndrome, which can be the cause of low albumin.

6. Having a Heart Disorder

If you have a history of heart disease, you should be alert and careful about the condition of decreased albumin levels. According to the Cleve Land Clinic, heart disorders such as heart failure can be one of the causes of low albumin that many are not aware of. This can trigger the collapse of the body’s circulation so that albumin becomes low. Usually the risk of developing hypoalbuminemia is increased in elderly or elderly people.

Impact of Low Albumin on Health

Image 3 - Causes of low albumin
Low Albumin Impact Illustration

The condition of albumin deficiency or low albumin that is not handled properly can have a negative impact on health and can even cause serious problems regarding life safety. Here are some of the effects of low albumin on your health:

  • A lung infection or pneumonia occurs.
  • A buildup of fluid around the lungs, or pleural effusion.
  • There may be a buildup of fluid in the abdominal cavity, or ascites.
  • Body muscles become weak, small, or atrophy.
  • Make the drugs you take less effective because of the decreased ability of albumin to distribute substances in the body.
  • It can worsen the health of critical patients with severe illnesses such as kidney failure, making them more likely to drop or even die. 

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Prevent low albumin levels by getting enough high protein nutrients from natural sources.

Many people are not aware of the importance of adequate albumin in the body to support health. Now, after knowing the conditions, causes, and effects of low albumin, of course, you will become more aware and understand the role of albumin in the body.

Actually, to prevent albumin levels from being low, you can eat a variety of foods with high nutritional value from animal or vegetable sources. Some examples of food sources rich in albumin include fresh beef, eggs, fish, milk, and cheese products.

An interesting fact is that people who consume enough protein in their daily lives usually also consume enough albumin. Even so, certain health conditions also determine albumin levels even if you are getting enough from food sources.

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