Akar Rimba Nusantara Attends the 19th Permanent Trade Exhibition (PTE) Business Reception with Representatives of Ambassadors and Trade of Friendly Countries at the Indonesian Ministry of Trade

Fitbumin.com – Through the Directorate General of National Export Development, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade again held the 19th Permanent Trade Exhibition (PTE) reception at the Ministry of Trade Office, Jakarta, Thursday (11 August 2022). This trade collaboration event was opened by the Director of Market Development and Export Information, Mr. Marolop Nainggolan.

Gambar 1 - Akar Rimba Nusantara received a special invitation from Indonesian Ministry of Trade
Group Photo of Representatives of Local Product Companies and Representatives of Embassies of Friendly Countries | Ferdinand (First from the Right in the Back Row) as Representative of PT Akar Rimba Nusantara | Image: Personal Documents Images

The Permanent Trade Exhibition is an exhibition space on the 2nd floor of the Main Building of the Ministry of Trade which displays around 100 companies that place samples of export products as references for foreign buyers who come to look for potential products from Indonesia.

This reception was held to promote a variety of Indonesian export products from exporters of PTE members. This cooperation event was attended by representatives of embassies and trade representative offices of friendly countries such as the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, the Embassy of the Republic of Syria, the Embassy of Portugal, and the Embassy of Poland.

PT Akar Rimba Nusantara (AKN) was present as one of the exporters who received a special invitation from the Indonesian Ministry of Trade. Several other companies that have local products as exporters and were also present were PT Trio Jaya Steel, PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk, PT Karya Daya Syafarmasi, and PT Cantik Anugerah Pesona.

PT Akar Rimba Nusantara Introduces Oral Albumin Products that Have Excellence in Front of Embassy Representatives

In this good opportunity, Ferdinand, as the marketing team and representative of PT Akar Rimba Nusantara explained the topic related to the market demand for albumin products in Indonesia, which are still imported and in the form of injection products in front of representatives of embassies of friendly countries.

Gambar 2 - Akar Rimba Nusantara received a special invitation from Indonesian Ministry of Trade
Ferdinand as a Representative for Akar Rimba Nusantara is Presenting the Advantages of Oral Albumin | Image: Personal Document Images

“Currently the need for injection albumin in Indonesia is still imported and expensive, one ampoule of injection albumin can reach 1.7 million rupiah. Oral albumin products from PT ARN can replace the need for albumin at a more affordable price.” said Ferdinand at the forum for trade cooperation between these countries.

It was explained that oral albumin products have advantages over injectable albumin products which are indeed more expensive and come from foreign imports, such as a more practical way of consuming, easy to carry anywhere, to a much cheaper price.

“Injectable albumin can increase albumin levels in a short time since it is injected into the body for critical patients, but after injection albumin levels can still decrease and patients need albumin intake to control albumin levels in the body.

This is where oral albumin is needed for control. Especially for non-critical patients, of course there is no need for albumin injection and it is only enough to take oral albumin to increase albumin levels in the body. PT ARN will also develop injectable albumin in the future so that Indonesia does not depend on imported albumin anymore,” said Ferdinan clearly.

In his presentation, Ferdinand also explained that PT Akar Rimba Nusantara had become a pioneer in products containing albumin based on snakehead fish in Indonesia. He further said, PT ARN has had a breakthrough in new innovations in modern and organic snakehead fish cultivation with IoT (Internet of things)-based water management.

In this way, an independent and sustainable production chain will be created from upstream to downstream so that PT ARN does not need to rely on wild sneakhead fish stocks that may run out or have different standards in their contents. The use of organic feed also gives the advantage of a higher protein content so as to produce quality products as well.

“The sneakhead fish caught in nature certainly has limited availability, we cannot take natural products continuously. If we take snakehead fish in nature continuously, then this snakehead fish will become rare and can become extinct. Therefore, PT ARN has been cultivating snakehead fish since 2019 for the sustainability of snakehead fish raw materials.

According to the results of lab tests, the advantage of cultured snakehead fish is that it also has a higher protein than natural catches. This is because PT ARN provides high protein maggot feed for snakehead fish. That way, snakehead fish can grow faster and have denser meat and higher protein,” said Ferdinand in his presentation.

PT Akar Rimba Nusantara Presents Products Containing High Albumin from Modern Sneakhead Fish Cultivation

Responding to the challenge of albumin injection, which is expensive and imported and is still used in Indonesia, PT Akar Rimba Nusantara presents products containing high albumin from modern snakehead fish farming with organic feed. The product is Fitbumin which has several variants for the needs of Indonesian families.

Fitbumin consists of 5 product variants that are suitable and ideal for the health needs of the Indonesian people. Each products containing albumin and essential nutrients from modern standardized natural raw materials through strict quality control and certified by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices), BPOM (Indonesian Food and Drug Authority) and Halal MUI (Halal Certification).

Gambar 3 - Akar Rimba Nusantara received a special invitation from Indonesian Ministry of Trade
Display of Fitbumin Products at the RI Ministry of Trade Building | Image: Personal Document Images

The five variants include Fitbumin Vilaktin, Fitbumin Feber, Fitbumin Haruan, Fitbumin Vemuno, and Fitbumino. Each of these products has its own advantages and benefits for health.

First, Fitbumin Vilaktin which has the benefit of being a complete nutritional intake for breastfeeding mothers to facilitate breast milk while breastfeeding. The presence of high albumin protein and folic acid are useful in increasing the quality and quantity of breast milk.

Second, Fitbumin Feber is useful for providing adequate nutrition for pregnant women so that pregnancy health and fetal growth can be maintained optimally. There is a high content of protein, DHA, amino acids, folic acid, fatty acids and omega to add nutrition to the fetus in the womb.

Third, Fitbumin Haruan which can be the right choice in accelerating wound healing, increasing body albumin levels, accelerating postoperative wound healing, to helping the healing process of chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, stroke, and diabetes.

Fourth, Fitbumin Vemuno which is specially formulated from natural raw materials in the form of honey, sneakhead fish, temulawak and meniran to increase children’s appetite, help children grow and develop and increase children’s immune optimally.

Fifth, Fitbumino, which is a product of collaborative research with well-known universities and has gone through clinical research. Fitbumino as an immune enhancer made from natural ingredients to increase antibodies and prevent viruses.

In addition, Fitbumino is a product that won the BRIN Research and Technology research in the development of natural products to prevent Covid-19.